Fascinating Morning Facts

Mornings bring new hope, thoughts, and a new chance to work better than yesterday. Recently I came across some fascinating morning facts. So I thought, why not make a blog post on this? Here are some morning facts that will make your mornings more interesting.

Fact No 1.

We all say good morning to many people every day. But do you know the origin of the word “Morning”? The word morning is derived from an old English word, “morn,” which means the time between sunrise and sunset. 

Fact No 2.

Do you know every morning, the internet speed gets slow all around the world? Have you ever thought about what might be the reason?

Millions of people share good morning images, gifs, and videos in the morning. This results in slow internet speed. In recent years millions of people from Africa and Asia have got access to the internet for the first time.

Sending good morning images is their way to celebrate mornings. Make sure to send some images to your friends and relatives. It will surely make them happy.

Fact No 3.

Some days ago, I was talking to my Dutch friend, who mentioned that the sun doesn’t set till 11 PM in her town. This was a mind-blowing fact for me. I then did some more research and discovered that there are some places where the sun doesn’t rise at all for some particular time of the year.

For example, In Tromso, Norway, during November and January, the sunrise doesn’t happen. Similarly, places like Ireland, Canada, Alaska, and Sweden face the same phenomenon.

By the way, this phenomenon is known as polar night.

Tromsø, Norway

Fact No 4.

Do you know that before the invention of artificial light, people’s daily routines were dictated by the sun’s rising and setting? 

After the invention of the light bulb in 1879, everything changed for humanity. Now people’s routines are based on their work routine, office hours, and personal preferences. 

We night owlers would have a hard time working and playing games if the light bulb wasn’t invented, haha.

Fact No 5.

Earth’s length of a day is increasing over time. One billion years ago, a day on earth was about 18 hours. According to estimates, every century, the length of a day increases by 1.8 milliseconds. Billions of years from now on, our days will be more hours. 

Fact No 6.

Do you know an average human sleeps around 26 years in a life span? Over 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping. We humans also spend seven years trying to sleep. These numbers are really mind-blowing.

So if you have been oversleeping, then do limit it, haha. Bust sleep also plays a role in mental health, immunity, and overall health.

Fact No 7.

Have you ever tried to follow a morning routine? We people call it the morning ritual. My morning ritual is made up of gratitude, drinking warm water, and some breathing exercise. 

Researches show that people with a morning routine are more productive and positive. If you don’t have a morning routine, make sure to make one.

These were some of the morning facts that I came to know recently. I hope you found these facts interesting. Make sure to keep your morning positive, so your whole day stays positive. Happy Morning, Happy Life : )